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O que é um webmaster???

Pesquisando um pouco no google em português, temos as seguintes definições:

# Um webmaster é alguém que tem a seu cuidado a tarefa de criar e realizar a gestão de um determinado site. Por vezes, o webmaster acumula a tarefa de administração da máquina que alberga o site.

# A pessoa responsável pela administração de um nó WWW.

# é o profissional responsável por um ou mais websites.

# Pessoa responsável pela criação e manutenção de um site na Web. Em geral, as responsabilidades de um Webmaster incluem responder a mensagens de correio eletrônico, garantir a operação apropriada do site, criar e atualizar páginas da Web e manter a estrutura eo projeto globais do site.

# É o gestor ou administrador de um website.

Já o google em Inglês, traz as seguintes definições:

# The person responsible for maintaining and updating a Web site.

# This term refers to the person in charge of administrating a World Wide Web site.

# An individual who manages a Web site. Depending on the size of the site, the Webmaster might be responsible for any of the following: making sure that the Web server hardware and software is running properly, designing the Web site, creating and updating Web pages, replying to user feedback, monitoring traffic through the site.

# Administrator, maintainer and/or creater of a web site.

# A person who manages Web sites.

# The individual assigned to administering a corporation or organization's web site. This person lays out the information trees, designs the look, codes HTML pages, handles editing and additions and checks that links are intact. In addition, he or she monitors, routes and sometimes responds to email generated by the site.

# The individual(s) responsible for either the implementation and maintenance of the content of a Web site, the server or programming aspects of a Web site, or both. Most Web sites advertise an email address in the form of which allows visitors to contact the Webmaster via email.

# The person who usually maintains the content and operational status of a Web server. Most Webmasters are involved with design and development issues for new content and also with business and marketing issues, network topology design, and any other issue related to the development and maintenance of the Web server.'s%20Kit/ch20.htm

# Each WWW server has a Webmaster--an individual with primary responsibility for the server. By convention, each WWW server maintains a Webmaster email address (eg, or to which suggestions and inquiries about the site may be directed.

# responsible for the implementation and administration of a World Wide Web site. Sometimes called Web administrators, webmasters normally have very broad responsibilities which may include designing an information architecture, designing and developing web pages, web scripting and programming, and overseeing the management of e-commerce capabilities. ...

# The individual responsible for the management of a website.

# Also called Web mistress and Web weaver. This person - or team of people - is in charge of a Web site. Typically, Webmasters reply to e-mail, make sure the site operates correctly, maintain the site's structure and design, and create and update Web pages.

# The person designated to maintain a web site.

# the person responsible for the administration of a web site.

# Someone who manages a Web server and the process of uploading files for publication on the Web. May sometimes also function as the gatekeeper for what is published on the Internet from a company or organization.

# A constructor and organiser of a website.

# A Webmaster is a person who either: a) Creates and manages the information content and organization of a Web site; b) Manages the computer server and technical programming aspects of a Web site c) Or does both.

# Responsible technical and/or administrative contact of a site.

# Lowercase unless using it as a title with someone’s name. An individual who manages a web site. (For AP Style, see Web in Appendix XII.)

# The title for a person or persons who look after a particular web site. Should not be confused with postmaster.

# A person responsible for the maintenance of a particular website. whois An Internet service allowing to obtain the information about the domain name owner. WWW World Wide Web (or Web) is the most popular Internet service. It allows access to the information and services from the web servers. A web browser is needed to use the Web.

# The person at a site providing World Wide Web information who is responsible for maintaining the site.

# A person or group of people who maintain and administer a web server.

# The often used title of the manager of a web site.

# The person who is responsible for the regular care and feeding of a website (eg, fixing typographical errors and typing in new press releases). It is a highly glamorous and romantic position. That's why you see so many action movies and TV shows based on their daring exploits.

# a technician who designs or maintains a website

# Webmaster or Webmistress is a commonly used term that refers to the person or persons responsible for a specific website.

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